Vim Registers

One of the big time savers I loved in TextMate was the ability to copy and paste multiple things at a time. In TextMate, if you »


I've been working on redoing the OrangeQC website the past couple weeks and it was good to put into practice some fo the stuff I was »

Article Roundup

Here are some of the great articles I've come across this week. You Should Probably Send More Email Than You Do Patrick McKenzie gets into why »

Software made by hand

Scott Porad writes about why software is hard: First, name one other thing in the world, he said, that is used by so many people and »

Open for Business

Last week was the end of my position at Nelson Cash. After working with the team there for a year, I was able to see them »

Listing Attributes

This past week I was working on a Ruby on Rails project where I needed to list out a lot of attributes of an object. The »

jQuery Development

My mindset on how to use and develop in jQuery has just changed dramatically. I watched Yehuda Katz's video on Evented Programming. Basically the idea he »