Ryan Mathews

Ryan Mathews

Nomad - Initial Experience

I've had the Nomad (A6 X2) for about a month and I'm enjoying the experience. This is a quick review of the device (the bulk of the post is

Nomad - Pre-Arrival

Why am I writing a blog post before I even received the device? I am fascinated with the visceral experience I've had so far and thought it would be fun to

Obsidian is Missing Something…

Inspired by Marques Brownlee’s recent video, Apple Vision Pro is Missing Something, I figured I should finally get around to publishing my wishlist for Obsidian. I’ve been using Obsidian personally since

Setting Up a New Mac

I put together an in-depth video around how I setup a new Mac and... there is a lot. Here is a recap of everything I covered: * Dock * Clean up apps to show only

Sherlock vs Basics

What is the difference between Apple Sherlocking an app and Amazon Basics copying existing products? In this post we'll attempt to answer this question, and possibly draw conclusions for how large