Ryan Mathews

Ryan Mathews

Testing an Ember.js App

When developing in Rails I prefer to do TDD. So when I start my Ember app I wanted to do the same. Unfortunately there isn't much out there. Ember.js uses QUnit [http:

Ember.js Press

Maybe I'm just easily impressed, but I really like Robin Ward's Ember Press [http://emberpress.eviltrout.com/]. It isn't really my kind of game, but it is a great example of a well

Ember.js and View Delegation

Ember makes it easy to add an action to a button or an anchor tag with the {{action}} helper, but sometimes you need more control. Delegation works out really well. You create a

Ember.js Nested Routes

I had a hard time with nested routes the first time, so I hope to clear it up for others. Let's start with the following router: App.Router.map(function(){ this.resource('posts',

Getting Started with Ember.js

I've been looking at Ember on and off for the past couple months and took a serious dive into it this past week. I stumbled through a few fo the basics so my