If you want a Google map with all of these spots, you can check it out here.


Near Honolulu, as it is the most populous city on the Island:

East-ish side of the island:

  • Lānaʻi Lookout - some beautiful views
  • Halona Blowhole Lookout - blowholes are fun to look at. And from this spot you can do a sketchy hike (walking on the highway, then jumping over a highway barrier, and climb up the face of a rock) to Koko Crater Arch - which is actually pretty cool to see up close.
  • Makapu‘u Point Lighthouse Trail - (if I recall correctly) pretty easy walk to see the lighthouse and nice views of the ocean. Definitely recommend if you are close.
  • Makapuʻu Lookout - Another place to pull over and admire the blue waters
  • Kono's - I don't remember much, but I usually like bbq. :)

North of Honolulu:


  • Polynesian Cultural Center - This is a popular spot. We didn't go all the way in ($$$$), we just went to the outside part where there were some shops.
  • Matsumoto Shave Ice - some people say this is their favorite shave ice on the island, but that's just because they haven't been to Uncle Clay's. But if you are on the north side of the island, shave ice is still shave ice. So if the line isn't too long, it is worth getting.


Maui is a special place. Beautiful scenery and great food. I love banana bread and since they are known for their banana bread, we ended up bread from five or six different places. It was wonderful.

Road to Hana:

Please check out other cities!