I'm a couple years behind on making this list so the memories aren't fresh. Paris is Paris, so there is a lot to explore depending on the type of attractions you like. I'll say that my favorite museum was Musée d'Orsay .

The more "important" part is making sure to have a good time when it comes to food. I happen to really like pastries and desserts so this list will be 90% focused on that:

  • Le Boulanger de la Tour - This is my favorite spot in all of Paris. It has the best chocolate almond croissant in the world.
  • Boulangerie Eric Kayser - Bac & Odéon - This is a chain around the city (this is only 2 of many) but they have delicious Financiers.
  • Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse - My favorite chocolates. Expensive, but well worth it.
  • Un Dimanche à Paris - This is permenantly closed, but I'm keeping it on this list until they open a new shop. This place was the best for getting hot chocolate and tea and an out of this world dessert.
  • Maison Georges Larnicol MOF - When you walk in it is hard to not think, "I'm a kid in a candy shop." But it isn't candy, it is chocolate! They are cheaper tahn Alain Ducasse, but they are still very good. It was fun to get a bunch of small items. My wife's suitcase was filled with these when we came back.
  • Aux Merveilleux de Fred - I really like Merveilleux. I didn't know that until I went here. They also have multiple shops.
  • Yann Couvreur Rosiers - We got dessert here multiple times considering the proximity to our Airbnb
  • L'As du Fallafel - we always saw a long line at this falafel place so we gave it a try. It was worth the wait!
  • Amorino - Great ice cream near Notre Dame
  • Pralus - They sell loaves with red praline nuts. Traditional for southern France. Absolutely delicious. They also have multiple stores.

Google Map with all of these places.