YouTube Gear 2021-01

Assuming I stick with making videos [], I am sure I will add new gear to my setup eventually. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to list

All skills should start small

Whether you are working on a habit, goal, or developing a skill, you should always start small. It is hard to really get in shape by going to the gym 5x a week,

Practice Sketching

I've always enjoyed drawing but I never felt good at it. It was just "doodling" for me. But a couple months ago, I came to the conclusion that the

Knowing a Good Thing When You See It

Pastries in France got me thinking about how we perceive the world. For example, if you only occasionally eat croissants, then most croissants will probably make you happy. But if you eat croissants

Video Production - First Class

Every couple of months I think about starting a YouTube channel and to start making videos regularly. I've created some videos in the past and have enjoyed the process. My main