Vim Registers

One of the big time savers I loved in TextMate was the ability to copy and paste multiple things at a time. In TextMate, if you will ⌘+C multiple items of text, you

Slowly Clearing out Instapaper

After realizing I had 400 unread articles in Instapaper (dating all the way back to 2009), I've declared bankruptcy by moving them into their own folder. I'll go through them slowly over the

Proficiency with Terminal and Git

Terminal I've recently picked up an amazing Terminal shortcut: ^ + R. Gone are the days of hitting up arrow a bunch of times to get to a previous command. This little shortcut will let


I've been working on redoing the OrangeQC [] website the past couple weeks and it was good to put into practice some fo the stuff I was learning at the end

Article Roundup

Here are some of the great articles I've come across this week. You Should Probably Send More Email Than You Do [] Patrick McKenzie gets into